The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Biking and Walking Paths in Mission Bay Park

Biking and Walking Paths

Expanding and connecting the paths around Mission Bay Park
Biking Paths around Mission Bay

One of the greatest parts about Mission Bay Parks is the walking and biking paths. Bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and joggers can enjoy a nearly continuous loop around the entirety of Mission Bay. Depending on the root taken one might enjoy a 3 mile one-way ride or a 19 mile full bay loop. Biking or jogging along the bay's pathways is a great way to exercise and enjoy the beauty of Mission Bay. Along the route are many parks, exercise stations, opportunities to rent boating equipment, natural preserves and several dining possibilities. The bike paths connect several San Diego neighborhoods as you skirt the edge of the bay or cross one of Mission Bay's bridges.

New Biking/Walking Paths in the Mission Bay Gateway

The Mission Bay Gateway project will finally complete the loop around the bay - allowing bikers, joggers, and walkers the ability to stay close to the bay without having to divert onto city side streets. In the Mission Bay Gateway plan biking/walking paths will skirt the edge of the Kendall Frost Bird Sanctuary with beautiful views of the marine wildlife and marshland. This will allow the public the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the preserve and its wildlife without disturbing it. The pathway will continue across the Mike Gotch Memorial bridge and connect with all of the new recreational facilities. The path will pass the new skateboard park, snack shops, and rental offices and the new marina. Connecting the bike paths will add 1.49 miles of trail. Additionally there will be a new bike path built circling the De Anza peninsula adding another 1.45 miles and an alternate route for bikers and walkers wanting to stay close to the water.This route will also have spectacular views of the marshland.

2.94 miles of new biking and walking paths

Getting to the Mission Bay Gateway without a Car

The bike paths that run around Mission Bay and those running along Rose Creek will be connected in the Gateway linking several San Diego neighborhoods with the bay and with each other. This orientation makes accessing the Mission Bay Gateway without using a motor vehicle very attractive. The pedestrian and bike path is intentionally directed through Campland village making that area a public space and a hub for all the activities nearby.