The Mission Bay Gateway Project

Project Funding

Ideas on funding the Mission Bay Gateway Project

The Mission Bay Gateway can be funded with little or no use of city or Mission Bay Park Funds.

There are two primary funding areas:

Construction Cost of New Facilities

The cost of construction for new facilities should be wrapped into a negotiated 50 year lease with a commercial operator lessee such as Campland by the Bay or similar entity. A 50 year lease would be required to justify the cost of building these facilities. Much of the infrastructure currently exists for RV camping within the existing De Anza mobile home park. A new lesee could apply those development cost savings toward funding the joint use facilities

Costs for Restoring Marshland and Rose Creek

The funding necessary to create expanded marshlands and a recreated natural and healthy Rose Creek can be acquired through Coastal Wetlands Mitigation funds. Entities such as SANDAG, port authorities, and Cal Trans are often looking for mitigation lands for their encroachments into other areas of the natural environment. Coastal wetlands mitigation is the most valuable and the most needed to improve and expand natural habitat. The money received through mitigation should more than cover the cost of the marshland expansion.

The cost of the nature center is not currently covered within the two funding areas identified above. We would rely on local and regional environmental groups to work with agencies, donors, and grants to potentially fund that facility. A potential American Indian Cultural Center could be funded by groups supporting this educational experience.

*Note on Current Use:

The intention of the Mission Bay Gateway project is for all current uses of facilities to continue as they now exist and to only enhance opportunities with new facilities. Agreements with the city of San Diego should be fashioned in such a way that current user groups have no loss of access or opportunity. That would include specifically the Mission Bay Tennis Club and those youth groups currently operating and utilizing the Mission Bay Youth Fields.