The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Mission Bay Park

The Mission Bay Gateway Project

Linking and improving the educational, recreational, and natural environment of Mission Bay

THE VISION - Mission Bay Park is a great park - It can be even better! This area welcomes local San Diegans and visitors each day who enjoy the park's facilities and the natural beauty of the surroundings. The Mission Bay Gateway project seeks to connect and enhance these facilities while also expanding and protecting the Mission Bay marshlands and bird sanctuaries. Bike Paths and parks will be extended and new amenities like pools, sports fields, and a restaurant will be added for the community and visitors to enjoy. The result will be an environmental, recreational, and educational destination at the heart of Mission Bay. We hope you will join us in making this vision a reality.

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The Plan

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Elemental Connections in Mission Bay Gateway

Support from Community Leaders

Lorie Zapf — City Councilmember District 6
"I am excited about the Mission Bay Gateway project and continuing the effort to implement the Mission Bay Master Plan. By expanding the wetlands and further restoring Rose Creek, we will increase the wildlife sanctuary and improve the water quality in Mission Bay.
My family, along with many San Diegans are looking forward to the increase in recreational opportunities, park land, bike paths and more walk ways. The youth of the community will enjoy the improvements to the sporting facilities and will benefit from the environmental education experiences.
I am proud to play a role in this effort and making this part of my community a better place for all of San Diego."

Joe Wilding — President Pacific Beach Town Council 2011-2012
"One of the specific missions of the Pacific Beach Town Council is to foster the continued improvement of Mission Bay Park. The Mission Bay Gateway Project solves problems such as a complete and safe bike and pedestrian path around Mission Bay and it increases the parkland accessible to the public. Mission Bay Park is improved and the natural beauty that draws visitors and local residents to Mission Bay is also improved."

Kevin Faulconer — City Councilmember District 2
"We have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase public access to Mission Bay, improve bike, pedestrian and recreation facilities, and protect the environment by expanding marshland and restoring natural habitats. The Mission Bay Gateway Project is one of many exciting proposals I look forward to reviewing with the community as the public input process begins."

John Shannon — Chairman of the Pacific Beach Planning Group 2008-2012
"This is an exciting project because it ties so many good elements together and makes them all better. It provides opportunities for shared facilities with the high school, improves facilities already in use and needed by the local community and it enhances the experiences for non-resident visitors. I see these facilities increasing the opportunities for events that are focused on recreation, sport, and the natural environment. This can be a real gem that Pacific Beach and the city at large will be very proud of."

Get Involved!

To make the Mission Bay Gateway project a success we will need support and input from the whole community! Please visit our facebook page and "Like" the project to stay connected to the Mission Bay Gateway community

Steelhead Trout of Rose Creek

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