The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Mission Bay High School

Mission Bay High School

Enhancing the educational and recreational opportunities for MBHS students

Mission Bay High School, is located in the midst of rich natural environments and recreational facilities but is disconnected from those assets. The Mission Bay Gateway Project will connect MBHS students to the surrounding wildlife and give them access to new and existing sports facilities.

MBHS and Surrounding Natural Environment

Mission Bay High School (MBHS) was founded in 1953. This public school is located on one of the most unique sites for any high school in the country. It is adjacent to a natural creek (Rose Creek) watershed outfall, an ocean bay, marshland, and bird sanctuary. This location provides unique educational opportunities for MBHS students and programs. The Mission Bay Gateway Project intends to help MBHS take full advantage of these opportunities.

The Mission Bay Gateway Project includes the creation of additional marshland bird sanctuary and creek restoration as directed by the Mission Bay Park master Plan. A Nature Interpretive Center is planned in conjunction with this environmental restoration. This nature interpretive center would operate as an outdoor lab and indoor classroom for MBHS students and student visitors to the area.

In addition, the marshland expansion will offer a wonderful, hands-on, experience for students to participate in. After the marshland is fully developed, monitoring, and studying the marine biology will be a continuous and lasting opportunity for MBHS students.

The recent opening of the Mike Gotch Memorial Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge has increased the potential access from MBHS site to the south and areas east of Rose Creek.

MBHS and the Aquatic Center

The proximity of MBHS to the Pacific Ocean and the bay implies a natural connection to water sports. MBHS has continuously maintained competitive swimming programs and water polo teams for boys and girls. Currently student athletes have to travel by car 4 miles to the Clairemont Swimming Pool. A joint use agreement allowing access to the Aquatic Center within the Mission Bay Gateway project will bring the pool within walking distance and encourage participation in water sports by all students.

In addition, a joint use agreement with the YMCA is in the final planning stages with the public school site at Pacific Beach Middle School. The final development phase of this joint use agreement also includes a modest lap swimming pool. The addition of this swimming pool at the middle school would provide a swimming experience for students there that will further enhance and support a competitive aquatic team experience at MBHS.

The Modernization Plan

MBHS is a magnet school with emphasis on Academic studies and offers an accredited International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The school also provides a full range of academic, athletic and fine arts programs. The school site is in the midst of planning for a whole site modernization. The first step of that modernization is the building of a new and modern football stadium on the southwest corner of the campus.

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