The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Parks of Mission Bay

Mission Bay Parks

More parkland to enjoy around Mission Bay

The beautiful parkland surrounding Mission Bay is a local treasure that should be preserved and enjoyed. The string of parks encircling Mission Bay is home to play grounds, grassy fields, and sandy beaches. Many come to exercise, throw the frisbee, fly a kite, or enjoy the bike paths that connect the parks together. Many also enjoy the parks for barbeques, parties and relaxing before or after boating on the bay.

Expanding Parks in the Mission Bay Gateway

The Gateway plan expands parkland, reclaiming the entire shoreline of De Anza peninsula as grassy picnicking and play areas with public access by pedestrian/bike paths (Approximately 12 new acres of parkland!). On the east side of the peninsula, parks will be adjacent to sandy beaches surrounding De Anza cove and a new marina with boat rentals. On the west side parkland will have views of the newly added marshland and bird sanctuary - a pleasant spot for picnics and nature watching.

In addition, another open play area just south east of the Rose Creek Bridge adds another 7 acres of public park. This area will be ideal for hosting youth soccer leagues, family reunions, and big group fun. The new parkland will be ideal for locals and visitors to play, exercise, and relax next to Mission Bay.

19+ Acres of new parkland will be added through this project

What about De Anza Mobile Home Park?

Mission Bay Parkland is a benefit for all community members. The De Anza peninsula is part of Mission Bay Park and sits on California tidelands. State law requires public access to all tidelands and prohibits permanent housing. The De Anza Mobile Home Park with permanent residents is currently an illegal use of tidelands that belong to the community. It is important that the City of San Diego come to an agreement with current residents to restore the land to public use. The Mission Bay Gateway community group supports actions to resolve the matter quickly and encourages citizens and leaders to work together to this end. This project plan is a vision of the great community good that could be achieved after De Anza land use dispute is settled.