The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Mission Bay Marshland

Nature Interpretive Center

Allowing the community to explore the rich natural environment

For many years environmental advocates have desired a nature center for education, presentations and monitoring activities. Most recently a nature center was proposed for the Crown Point area. Although many were supportive, significant local opposition made it clear that the location was not right. The Gateway plan provides an excellent location for a structure providing displays as well as interactive wildlife learning experiences.

Curators and volunteer docents will introduce guests to the way our native creatures live in their natural habitats. Local and Migratory Birds and wildlife will be better appreciated by the community. The Nature Center will be placed on the edge of the Marshland / Bird Sanctuary and adjacent to the Rose Creek out flow with uninterrupted views for visitors to enjoy. The proximity to Mission Bay High School makes this location ideal for outdoor research, marsh and water quality monitoring, and marine environment studies. The center could also be home to a Native American studies center highlighting the Kumeyaay Indians who used to live on the banks of Rose Creek in Rose Creek Canyon.

The nature center location also provides the opportunity to share the south west parking lot with Mission Bay High School eliminating the necessity to use Mission Bay Parkland for car parking.