The Mission Bay Gateway Project
Rose Creek

Rose Creek

Restoring the Rose Creek ecosystem

Rose Creek is the natural outfall of a 36 square mile watershed including nearby Rose and San Clemente canyons. The creek naturally meanders around the canyon floor until it drains into Mission Bay and where Rose Creek meets the ocean. Wildlife includes raccoons, skunks, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, and mule deer. The raptors are commonly seen flying above Rose Canyon including many varieties of owls and large hawks. Approximately 100,000 people live in the watershed and these natural urban canyons are also accessible to hundreds of thousands of people that work and/or recreate in the watershed. The health of Rose Creek directly impacts the health and water quality of Mission Bay Park.

Rose Creek Watershed Alliance

Rose Creek Revitalization

The Mission Bay Gateway plan considers Rose Creek as an integral natural feature and supports the continued improvement of the creek. Because the creek outfall was diverted from its original course it is important to do what is necessary to create and support the wildlife and marine life with habitat restoration. The Gateway plan includes lower Rose Creek being utilized an open space natural park providing recreational and learning opportunities and a clean, healthy, aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, visitors, nearby businesses, as well as native plants, animals and marine life.

Steelhead Trout of Rose Creek

Steelhead Trout (actually in the Salmon Family) once inhabited this area, travelling from the sea up Rose Creek. With the creek restored and revitalized this could be a prime area for this species to be reintroduced to its ancient spawning grounds.

Biking and Walking Along Rose Creek

Many enjoy the serene bike paths that run along Rose Creek. The Mission Bay Gateway project will enhance and connect those bike paths with the Mission Bay biking trails providing a more seemless experience for riders. There is further opportunity to link the Rose Creek bike paths with San Diego communities north of Mission Bay without diverting onto city streets as it does today.The canyons along the creek are intended to serve as accessible links for bicyclists and pedestrians to move between Rose Canyon Park, Marian Bear Park, Mission Bay Park, and the surrounding communities of North Claremont, University of California San Diego, and University City.

Rose Creek Paths