The Mission Bay Gateway Project

Project Timeline

Proposed Timeline for completing the Mission Bay Gateway Project

The lease for Campland expires in 2017. The Mission Bay Master Plan (updated in 1994) identifies the De Anza area of the Gateway project as a "Special Study Area". Progress toward fulfilling the master plan in this area has been delayed and general frustration has grown among committees, volunteers and the public regarding this area of Mission Bay Park. It is time to move toward a final design and solution to allow this area to meet the potential intended. There is no reason that the "studying" of the gateway area should wait until there is a settlement with the tenants at De Anza.

One of the primary purposes for the publicizing of the Mission Bay Gateway is to use public awareness to help overcome the stagnation that has developed regarding this recreational, educational and environmental asset. The right of the public to access and properly use and develop this area needs to be restored as soon as possible. Delay has already become the enemy of the future.

We recommend the following timeline:

2013 - Public vetting of the potential of the Mission Bay Gateway plan and alternatives and options
2014 - Creation of budgets and entering into preliminary and or final lease agreements
2015 - 2016 - Final Designs and Construction of facilities
2017 - Campland vacates current location and marshland creation begins. Nature Center Construction
2018 - on - Additional marshland developed and Rose Creek fully restored

The time is right to pursue the proper and final development of this area. The full realization of the Mission Bay Gateway project will take several years but now is the time to establish a sustainable and balanced plan.